Collection: Watanabe | Toyama

These two need no further introduction. Ask any seasoned knife collector/ enthusiast about the best cutters they have ever tried and, more often than not, Watanabe or Toyama, will be on the top of their list. 

Why? It’s the cutting performance and that heat treatment. If you love hefty knives that cut like a laser, this is THE knife to have. Even before officially adding these brands in our lineup, Watanabe/Toyama has always been our recommendation to anyone who is asking for the best performers. 

And so we are really happy to finally add Watanabe in our list of brands this year. You might be asking, Why add Watanabe when you already have Toyama? They're twins and perform similarly, right? The Watanabe brand is just special to me and thought that I should really include it in our squad of awesome brands.
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