• Japanese knives from Masahiro. One of the best brands in Japan offering affordable but reliable multipurpose Japanese knives.

    Starter Knives

    For first-timers. Robust, practical & reliable entry-level Japanese knives; even pros love these.

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  • A set of Japanese kitchen knives namely santoku, gyuto, and kiritsuke gyuto. These are multipurpose Japanese knives with different finishes like kurouchi, nashiji, and damascus.

    Recommended Knives

    For the pro chefs and home cooks. Excellent Japanese knives that offer great performance for the price.

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  • A honyaki gyuto by Yoshikazu Ikeda. It has a white#1 steel with an octagonal ebony handle.

    Premium Selection

    For the the hobbyists and collectors. Top-level Japanese knives when it comes to craftsmanship.

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New Arrivals

Zahocho Knives Tokyo

Founded in 2019, Zahocho Knives Tokyo is your connection to authentic, well-priced, handmade Japanese kitchen knives. Although our primary mission is to connect people with the perfect knives for their culinary needs, there’s so much more to us than that. We are vibrant, passionate cooking enthusiasts working to make the world a better place, one cut at a time.

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