News and Announcements

• Latest 2022/10/16: Nakagawa custom gyuto and bunka to be listed on Oct. 17. 20:30 JST

• Latest  2022/10/15: Added new brands in the lineup: Teruyasu Fujiwara, Yu Kurosaki, Takamura, Kei Kobayashi, Kyohei Shindo, Hinokuni and more to come! We're waiting for your other Echizen favorites like Anryu/ T. Ikeda, Saji, and Yoshimi Kato. 

2022/10/06: Regarding shipping to the UK, we, just like other retailers, are still unable to do so because of the new UK law (age verification for knife purchases); DHL and JapanPost still do not have a system for age verification. 

2022/10/03: Toyama kurouchi gyutos restock. Will be listed on our website soon. 

2022/09/14: We're also excited to receive aogami#1 custom gyutos and bunka by Nakagawa-san this month/ early October. 


2022/09/14: Yoshikazu Ikeda honyaki gyutos and Yoshihiro - Yoshikazu Tanaka AS gyutos arriving at the end of September. 

• 2022/07/16: We're expecting some Toyama knives to arrive in a few days. 

• 2022/07/01: Yoshihiro x Yoshikazu Tanaka gyuto 240mm (Aogami Super and White#2) will be released on July 02 at 20:00 JST. Limited stock available. 

2022/06/30: Check out our latest stocks. Some excellent value knives: Yoshihiro AUS10 damasus and the new series from Shigeki Tanaka: kurouchi damascus aogami#2

 2022/06/29: We are currently working on improving our website. It's time to revamp it. Thank you all for your support. 

• 2022/06/01: Shipping fees, specifically EMS, have increased so we adjusted accordingly. Click here for the latest rates.

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