Collection: Yoshihiro

Yoshihiro is a brand by Yamawaki Cutlery Mfg. Co. Ltd.---one of the biggest knifemakers in Sakai, Japan. The cutlery ("hamono") was established in 1945 and has been providing high-quality knives for home and professional use. Early on, they were mainly involved in providing high-end kitchen knives and are known for their high-value-added services (sharpening and polishing).

They have a significant contribution to the expansion of Sakai's high-end kitchen knife market. Some of the well-known blacksmiths working with them are Yoshikazu Tanaka, Genkai Masakuni, Kenji Togashi, Yoshikazu Ikeda, and Satoshi Nakagawa.

Yamawaki hamono is a certified "Sakai Wazashu". It is a certification by the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry granted to excellent Sakai companies that preserve traditional techniques while at the same time, employing new methods.There are only four cutleries in Sakai with this certification. The other three are Aoki hamono, Kawamura hamono, and Fukui Ltd.

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