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Takeshi Saji, born in 1948, is a distinguished blacksmith master in Japan and one of the founding members of Takefu Knife Village in Echizen. He earned the title of "Traditional Master Craftsman" in 1992, a testament to his exceptional skill, awarded only to Japan's finest craftsmen. As a third-generation blacksmith, Saji-san operates his workshop within Takefu Knife Village, mentoring two apprentices and continuing the tradition of crafting high-quality knives.

In addition to his renowned work in kitchen knives, Takeshi Saji is also celebrated for his top-of-the-line hunting knives, which have gained popularity both in Japan and internationally. His innovative use of hand-picked wood and animal horns for handles has established him as a regional authority on Western-style handles. Prominent blacksmiths, including Yu Kurosaki among other Takefu masters, have refined their skills under his guidance, further testament to Saji-san's influence and expertise in the field of blacksmithing.

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