Collection: Takeshi Saji

Takeshi Saji (1948) is one of Japan's most illustrious blacksmith masters. Saji-san is one of the founding members of Takefu Knife Village. He was officially certified as a "Traditional Master Craftsman" in 1992, a prestigious title awarded only to Japan's best craftsmen. He is a third-generation blacksmith, and his workshop is located in Echizen's Takefu Knife Village, where he forges knives alongside his two apprentices.

He is also known for producing top-of-the-line hunting knives, which were sold in Japan and abroad. In addition to hand-picked wood, he used animal horns to make handles, and over time, he became a leading expert on Western type handles in the region. Yu Kurosaki and other Takefu masters honed their skills under his tutelage as well.