Understanding JapanPost EMS Shipment Statuses

Welcome to our guide on JapanPost EMS shipment statuses. After shipping your items via EMS, we provide a tracking link to help you monitor your package's journey. This page simplifies these statuses for easy understanding. (Note: Sometimes, the status may not be updated in real-time; this delay is normal and should not be a cause for concern.)

  • Posting/Collection: Your package has been accepted by the post office and is now in the postal system for processing.

  • Arrival at outward office of exchange: The package has reached the facility where it will be prepared for international shipping.

  • Dispatch from outward office of exchange: Your package has left the international shipping facility in Japan and is on its way to the destination country.

  • Arrival at inward office of exchange: The package has arrived at the international shipping facility in the destination country.

  • Customs clearance: Your package is being inspected by customs authorities in the destination country. This process can vary in time, depending on the country and the contents of the package.

  • Collection: The package has cleared customs and is available for pickup (if applicable) or is being prepared for delivery to the final address.

  • Out for delivery: The package is on its way to the recipient's address. Delivery should occur soon, typically on the same day this status is posted.

  • Attempted Delivery: Delivery was attempted, but unsuccessful. This could be due to various reasons, such as the recipient not being at the delivery address. The package may be held for pickup or redelivery arranged.

  • Final delivery: The package has been delivered to the recipient or left in a secure location as specified by the delivery instructions.

  • Retention: The package is being held, usually at a local post office, either because it could not be delivered (due to an absence of the recipient) or it requires pickup by the recipient (this is usually the case for remote areas).

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