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Nigara shirogami#1 mizuhonyaki sakimaru yanagiba 330mm

Nigara shirogami#1 mizuhonyaki sakimaru yanagiba 330mm

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A masterfully crafted mizuhonyaki sakimaru yanagiba by Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa of Nigara hamono. It is crafted out of shirogami#1 steel, celebrated for its exceptional sharpness. Features a Mt. Fuji hamon with a full moon, subtly etched and displaying some faint banding. The exquisite blade is paired with an octagonal ebony handle.

❖ For 350 years, Nigara Hamono, originating as sword makers for the Tsugaru clan, has preserved the art of Japanese swordsmithing across eight generations. Their legendary 5th generation blacksmith, Kunitoshi Nigara, is celebrated as a national treasure. Today, 8th generation blacksmith Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa evolves family traditions with unique knives. Located in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, they now focus on innovative kitchen cutlery, upholding a legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship.

Brand: Nigara Hamono
Blacksmith: Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa (Go Yoshizawa)
Location: Aomori, Japan
Knife type: sakimaru
Finish: semi-mirror etched

Construction type: mizuhonyaki
Core steel: shirogami#1 /white#1
Steel type: carbon steel

Overall length: 482mm
Blade length (heel to tip): 322mm
Blade height at heel: 43.2mm
Spine thickness at handle: 4.4mm
Spine thickness at heel: 3.8mm
Spine thickness at middle: 2.5mm
Spine thickness 1cm from the tip: 1.8mm
Weight: 280g

Edge/bevel: single bevel
Handle: octagonal ebony with spacer
Hand orientation: right-handed
Saya/ sheath: Not included

Reminder: To maintain your Japanese knives, like this Nigara shirogami#1 mizuhonyaki sakimaru yanagiba knife, in their best condition, regular care is necessary. Consult our care guide for more details.

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Care Guide

Proper care is essential for Japanese kitchen knives. Here are some important points to consider:
  • Use a whetstone to maintain sharpness. Avoid electric sharpeners and pull-through sharpeners, as they are not suitable for Japanese kitchen knives. Honing rods, typically used for western-style knives, may potentially damage the edge, particularly if you're a beginner.

  • Choose a wooden or rubber cutting board instead of bamboo or poly boards to preserve the knife's edge.

  • Keep the knife clean and dry, especially if it is made of carbon steel. Carbon knives are prone to rusting. If you prefer a lower-maintenance option, stainless or stainless-clad carbon knives are recommended.

  • Avoid using the knife to cut through bones or frozen foods. It's best to use a separate knife specifically designed for these tasks.

  • When cutting, use a smooth and fluid motion, avoid twisting or torquing the blade. This technique helps maintain control and minimizes the risk of damage.

  • Never put Japanese kitchen knives in the dishwasher. Instead, hand wash them with mild soap, ensuring thorough cleaning, and then dry them completely before storing.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Japanese kitchen knives. Remember, proper care and attention will enhance your culinary experience and protect your investment.

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3. How can I track my order?
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4. Is it door-to-door delivery?
Yes, DHL and EMS provide convenient door-to-door delivery.

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Top view of Nigara shirogami#1 mizuhonyaki sakimaru yanagiba

Nigara shirogami#1 mizuhonyaki sakimaru yanagiba 330mm