Nimble, precise, sharp. These are some of the ways to describe an exceptional Japanese knife. These knives are lighter in weight and are made of thinner and harder steel. The lighter and thinner blade profile makes Japanese knives attain a high cutting performance and unbelievable sharpness.


Japanese knives craftsmen have constantly strove towards excellence. They draw from tradition, technology and an inter-generational know how of how to manipulate steel. Artisans have generations of expertise in knife making, metallurgy and a lifelong dedication to the pursuit of excellence that have put them above the rest.


Owning a handcrafted Japanese knife is like owning a work of art. Japanese artisans have perfected the art of a strong sharp blade. The exquisite pedigree and skills of these craftsmen is the reason why Japanese knives are still the world’s most highly prized culinary tools today.